The Conjuring’s impact on me

I’m terrified of ghosts. Even the thought of it makes me shit my pants and yet I love watching horror movies. So why do I watch it anyway? It’s just the damn old CURIOSITY bitch in me!! It took months to get over Bedsheba (the witch ghost of Conjuring). And I would like to mention few incidents I overcame with.

I have a grandma who sleeps next to me. She is fairly old, wears long nightdress, has curly grey hair, snores like a deflating balloon and ALWAYS prays a 3:00 a.m. Apparently it is auspicious to fight evil during then. At least that’s what been told to me. So we have Bedsheba, who draws her tricks on the Perron family at 3:08 a.m. precisely and I felt brave because I have my granny to protect me with all the prayers. Days after having seen the movie, I tried sleeping early so that I don’t have to get up during the ungodly hour. When I somehow manage to fall asleep, my granny wakes up chanting and clapping loud with her loosened grey hair and facing right at me. And I thought this would make me feel secured. Hell no! With my partly slept mind, I thought it was Bedsheba performing the whole time. So I wetted my bed out of fright. TWICE!! I’m certainly not embarrassed by this because you would do the same. Somehow I got over her and began sleeping happily.

It’s been quite a long since I visited the church nearby. So I finally gave in my agnostic beliefs and began attending masses. I even friended a nun there. Happy days indeed. Somehow time passed and Conjuring 2 was released in theaters. My inner curiosity bitch popped out and convinced me to watch. So I did. And guess what, the main ghost was a demon NUN named Valak!! *sob*sob*sob* Why God why!????? Even when I’m typing her name, it brings me chills and goosebumps! She was that creepy. Although I was not completely satisfied with climax as they failed to explain why Valak wanted a revenge or why the carols, “Hark the heralds angel sing….” plays every time she appeared. With all the questions running in mind, James Wan successfully ruined the thought of Church, Nuns and Christmas!!

Guess what! Now my mom sleeps beside me and she snores like a baby dinosaur (no offense mum!). I can’t even cover myself completely fearing that grandpa ghost will pull it off. Valak is everywhere! Through the thin gap in the curtains, the swings in the park, while you brush your teeth, even when you watch TV!!




Discovering the Picasso within!!!

When you thought you hit rock bottom….

woman-rock-bottom-1000x600It’s 20th May, 2016 and I just saw the new Xmen movie (Apocalypse). Well, the movie has nothing to do with this blog except for one mutant whom I have always adored, Jean Grey.

She is one of the most powerful alpha mutants of the Xmen universe whose powers were locked within by the professor fearing her potential could bring great destruction to the world. So yes, to summarize I LOVE her and she roxxx!

Coming to me, my days have not been so great lately both career and life wise that it has let me breakdown a couple of times. One such meltdown I had was yesterday as I got rejected by yet another company (which I thought “This is it”).

Crying all night didn’t make me feel good and resulted in runny nose. I woke up blissfully to my dad’s morning praise (he yells how laziness kills people) and his “Motivation” to kick start my day. What can I say….? Parents!!

Me not being a morning person, I got back on to my daily rituals of checking mails for interviews angrily. It was then today’s date got my attention… Xmen Apocalypse was releasing to the theaters TODAY!!! Hell with my troubles! Booked a ticket and just went for it!

So in the scenes where Jean was trying to control her dark power (The Pheonix) and finally when the professor gives in and asks her to Let It Go, she embraces Pheonix and releases it. That was some powerful stuff but glorious to watch.


It was then I realized two things:

Obstacles do come and go, but it’s up to you to let it consume you or to fight your ass back;

Only when you stop pretending to be someone and start embracing the real you, you get the grits and the confidence to fight back.

Well of course I did know all these facts and quotes before but it is to realize now and then in some way.

So when you think you finally hit rock bottom, get yourselves together and PUSH up with all the energy you got. Don’t give up. It’s NOT the end of the world 🙂 🙂

TTMB: part two!!

Common English Errors we make!

English may not be our native language and yet we use it very often due to its global reception. There is nothing wrong with this. But it is not okay to miss out basic few fundamentals while doing so. The remaining passage explains of such obvious errors that we do in our everyday usage and of course the solutions to rectify them.

Shall we begin??

When someone requests to introduce yourself, don’t begin like,“This is *your name*.” or “Myself is *your name*.” Just go with “I’m….” or “My name is…” Remember to keep it simple.

While referring to a group including you, always put you in last and never at first. Why? because it expresses humility which is good. i.e. instead of “I, Ash, Kayal and Lavz are…”, it should be “Ash, Kayal, Lavz and I are…”

It’s never “She said to me….” instead should be “She told me…”

You see, other than period there are more punctuations one can use in writing up emails or any formal texts. It makes sense you read it.

With all due respect kindly stop using FILLERS during your speech like “Like, Actually, Literally and here comes everybody’s most favorite one… “Umm, Ughh, Ah and Ahan”. You can think while you talk but don’t give weird sounds. Means that you’re just blank and flat out performing “Sammalifications of the India”.

Defined below is right usage of words which seem synonymous but actually not.

Its and It’s: “Its” is used to show possession while ”it’s” is the short version of ”it is”.

Does vs. Do: “Does” is singular whereas “Do” is plural. Considering 1st & 3rd person, the usage should be “Where do I/you/we/they sleep?” and “Where does he/she/it sleep?” for 2nd person but it shouldn’t be vice versa!!

Their vs. There: “Their” and “There” refers to people and places respectively.

More vs. Better: Never should they be used together in a sentence as both words are comparative forms of degree. It’s either “..more than…” or “…better than..” and NOT “… more better than…”. Better in itself implies superiority hence the use of More is unnecessary.

Which vs. That: “That” is a restrictive pronoun while “Which” is a relative pronoun to imply the available options.

Who vs. Whom: As a subjective pronoun, “Who” is used in situations where a pronoun acts as the subject of a particular sentence. On the other hand, “Whom” is used as an objective pronoun and used whenever a pronoun acts as an object in a sentence.

Envy vs. Jealousy: “Envy” is used to imply the pursuit to someone else’s success whereas “Jealousy” has a much more negative meaning implying a fear of competition.

May vs. Might: “May” implies a possibility while “Might” defines uncertainty.

Since vs. Because: “Since” refers to time while “Because” is used to refer to causality.

I could go on but I’m stopping here.

I’m no expert in this but I’m definitely willing to share what I have acquired. You may wonder why? but I thought “Why not?”

You are welcome to share your thoughts and even any clarifications required. If you have found this information useful, kindly hit like below.

Thank you so much for your time :)  :)

Live a Life you’ll remember!

How different is 2016 from 2015 going to be? Don’t google it out because that’s not what I’m imparting here.

Pretend like your going to take an interview of your own. So first gather few minutes to u and jot down all that you accomplished and failed in life just a year ago.

Now shoot the questions below to you:

  1. Do you love the person who you were?
  2. Do you love what you do?
  3. Were you truly happy?
  4. Did you LIVE or have you been JUST surviving?
  5. Do you feel proud for the things you contributed to humanity?
  6. Did you honestly enjoy answers you just gave?

Knock! knock! Time to wake up from fantasy!

Welcome to the real world!

Not that I’m trying inflict embarrassment but also to alarm that you have been given a second chance to start fresh. Reflecting on the year that has been just elapsed, remember the triumphs and missteps, the promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt, the hearts we won and the ones we broke, because that’s what new year’s all about.

We don’t get second chances but when we do, we right all wrongs, to do better, to do more, to give more, to mend the hearts we broke, to love more than before.

Today is the first blank page of your 365 page book. You get to rewrite just like you want it to be.

Of course there are certain things in life we cant control, but what we can is to forgive and forget, shower unconditional love and don’t expect, second chances, fresh starts, LIVE a life and finally the one thing that keeps you going is Hope so make sure not to lose it.

Above all stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be.

Life is short! Don’t waste it! :)

Wishing a glorious New Year to you all.

*Inspired by ‘New Year’s Eve’ and Avicii*

A letter to The Teacher

Dear Teacher,

How you doing? Hope you’re getting used to your new “RESIDENCE”. ☺☺

Oh! BTW, do you have any idea how you have shook the world by leaving us JUST LIKE THAT?

Ironically the search for you in google and Wikipedia has accelerated only then.

This is where we commit the most obvious crimes we were programmed to do as human beings.

  1. We always value people only when they are long gone. Or
  2. Simply feel sorry for the loss instead of following the virtues left behind.

If you’re wondering on how India is mourning for the loss of their missile man? or how are the other nations mourning for you?, I would say this was the best homage any leader could receive so far in this century.

Have we honored you enough? Nothing is ever enough. Although the seven day mourning period and half-masted flags all over the world was quite touching and impressive.

I believe that the true meaning of paying a tribute to someone is not only mouthing words from heart but it lies in how we mean it by following the goodness sprinkled by them.

You made us understand the three most valuable but rhetorical questions which has been puzzling us for a long time.

1.       Freedom:  Are we really free? Or  Have we taken the gift of independence for granted?

2.      Development: Our country has developed already and so have we. Why lack the confidence in calling ourselves the developed nation?

3.      Stand strong:  Others will respect us only when we start respecting us first. Similarly this applies to our nation. Not only the possession of military power would bring us respect; we must showcase our Economic power and that’s why it reveals our confidence.*Beauty with Brains*

You’re not really gone. You’re the seed that has been sown into us to grow as the magnanimous tree of knowledge. Like you always wanted, we shall gain the courage to think differently, travel the unexplored path, bold to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed our dreams.

Don’t worry Kalam ji, you have not only kindled the minds of millions to dream but also to make it happen.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”- APJ Abdul Kalam


Just another dreamer